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New visa procedure for Uganda

Information on the new E-visa procedure for Uganda.

Uganda Immigration have implemented the use of Electronic Visas from 01 July 2016..

All visitors who require an entry visa and do not yet have one, must apply through the online application system prior to arrival.

Visitors shall needto upload clear copies of current passport, Yellow fever certificate and Passport photo for single entry visa.

Visitors applying for an East Africa Tourist Visa (valid for Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda) shall need to upload clear copies of current passport, Yellow Fever Certificate, passport photo, return ticketand itinerary.

Please note that should your journey start in Kenya or Rwanda, you shall need to apply for an East Africa Tourist Visa through the Rwandese or Kenyan authorities.

Please refer to the website for information about other visa types.

Once the online application is completed bar coded email notification will be sent.

The email needs top be printed and brought to Uganda.
Upon arrival at any border (entry point) the bar-coded email shall need to be presented.

Upon arrival in Uganda, the immigration officer will scan the bar-code, take fingerprints and photo and ask for the $100 cash payment for the visa. (Please note, USD bills dated 2009 or newer and in excellent condition are needed).

The visa will then be affixed in the passport.

Online applications must be made through the visa immigration website on

****The application form requires a contact in Uganda* * * * *

Throughout the month of July 2016, it will still be possible to get visas on arrival.Visitors will however be required go through the online application process (as above) at the airport before being granted a visa.

As per 1st August 2016, only online applications will be accepted.

Thank you for taking note of the above and we look forward to welcoming you to Uganda

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